The new definition in flexibility for multiple monitor configurations; Multi-Flex offers complete control over mounting hub lateral positioning so virtually any size and shape of PC monitor can be accommodated.

With conventional fixed hubs it can be an issue to mount wider monitors side by side and still have access to the full range of depth adjustment. Multi-Flex combats this challenge, by allowing the hubs to be moved laterally along a rail from 55 to 256mm (centre to centre, in standard length).

Longer lengths are available for increased flexibility. More hubs can be added to the rail if required. Multi-Flex comes as a desk clamp version as standard. A bolt through option is also available.

Hub position adjustment is achieved by loosening a bolt inside the individual hub, sliding the hub into the require position and re-tightening the bolt.

Arm Mounting Hub: Cast Aluminium – Available in Black, White and Platinum

Hub Mounting Bar: Extruded Aluminium – Clear Anodised

End Cap: Moulded Plastic – Only in Black

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