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We design and manufacture innovative ergonomic office products that adapt to meet the needs of the user. Our product designs are based on the belief that occupational health, safety and comfort are essential to occupational productivity. Contact us to find out how we can help in the design of your new workspace or how we can improve the one you already have.

Adapt ergonomic products and services

Ergonomic Consultation

Ergonomics is the study of how equipment and furniture can be arranged in order that people can do work or other activities in a more efficient and comfortable way.

At Adapt, we’re passionate about helping you create the most comfortable, safe, efficient and productive workspace possible. That’s why we offer an ergonomic consultation service in partnership with our sister company ErgoSquad, alongside our product offering

ErgoSquad ergonomists use state-of-the-art evaluation software to optimize worker performance and save money by:

  • Identifying risk factors which negatively impact worker productivity
  • Delivering recommendations and self-correcting actions to minimise risk and discomfort
  • Improving worker environment and body positioning, resulting in long-term gains in productivity, well-being and cost reduction

Ergonomic Design

Every Adapt product begins with an idea founded on the belief that the products we interact with should effortlessly adapt and move fluidly around us and with us. Our designers and product developers work hand in hand with our team of ergonomists to ensure that the science of ergonomics is behind the design of every product.

Innovative Products

Adapt products are designed to create a more comfortable, safe, efficient and productive workspace. From sit-stand desk solutions with Safe Sense™ to LED task lighting smart enough to adjust on its own, the science of ergonomics drives our product innovation.

Product Installation

When it’s time for installation you do not have to lift a finger. We have teams of professional installers ready to make your new office a reality.

Our in-house installation team has expert knowledge of our products and will ensure that your ergonomic office installation exceeds expectations.

Why Adapt? 

We can help you improve the design of your workplace with solutions that can be configured to meet a host of workplace needs.

Our sit-stand workstations facilitate active working, a modern trend in promoting flexible and healthy working environments.

Our solutions are designed to grow with the ever-changing needs of your workplace environment.

We design and manufacture our products with the end-user in mind. By fulfilling the functional requirements of users, we help to optimize employee productivity and wellness, giving cost savings and improved profits.

If we do not have the product solution you are looking for, our designers will work with you to develop a custom solution that will meet your needs.

Our workplace tools allow employees to position common task items within their optimal reach and focal zone, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of injury.

Our product range includes: Sit-Stand solutions, monitor arms, cable management solutions, CPU holders, organizational tools, LED lighting, power data and communications and seating.


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