Adapt CPU holders are designed to lift the PC from the floor, reducing the risk of damage and static build-up from carpets, whilst preserving valuable worktop space. In addition to space saving and protection, a further major benefit is the improved access to the front and rear of the CPU, providing numerous time saving and health benefits. We offer a selection of compact and unobtrusive CPU holders capable of holding up to 15kg, with a range of mounting and bracket options.

Why Use A CPU Holder?

Lifting the PC off of the floor reduces static and dust build-up, helps to keep the PC cool by allowing air to circulate, lowers the potential of the PC becoming damp if liquids are spilt, and therefore improves performance and prolongs life. It also reduces the chances of the PC being damaged accidentally, by being kicked or bumped with cleaning equipment, for example. Some CPU holders also offer a security feature, reducing the risk of the PC being moved without permission.

By removing the PC from the desktop, your working space is increased and the office can generally look less cluttered and more professional. Lifting the PC off the floor also makes cleaning and vacuuming under the desk easier and more effective – particularly important in ‘clean room’ environments, such as laboratories.

Mounting the CPU holder under the desk keeps it within close reach and avoids the need to bend down under the desk, hurt your back, or get your clothes dusty! The addition of a track and rotate plate to the CPU holder can also allow the PC to be pulled out in front of the desk and provide up to 360 degrees of rotation, improving access for both the user and IT staff.

CPU holders are also useful if you work at a height-adjustable or standing desk, as your PC and all its cables will move with the desk as you adjust the height, avoiding anything from becoming accidentally unplugged, or damaging connectors and cables.

Elevator CPU Holder

Compact and unobtrusive


Thin Client Holder

Ideal for thin clients

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