Moving From Fixed-height To Sit-stand Workstation? … A Must Read Before You Make The Transition

Are you considering moving from a fixed-height to a sit-stand height adjustable workstation? You are on the right track as there are amazing benefits of using a height adjustable workstation.

A height adjustable workstation enables you to vary the way you work,  giving you options to either stand or to sit. The idea that you can adjust your workstation helps to improve healthy postures and ultimately overall productivity.

However before you embark on the process to transition from fixed-height to sit-stand, you would need some prior planning to ensure you receive maximum benefit from the transition. For an effective and efficient transition, we have made it easier by compiling a comprehensive list of essentials that you would need to consider.



  • Can the products be used or configured in such a manner as to put individuals at risk of injury? “Pinch Points” and “Trip Points”
  • Does the range height adjustment meet or exceed, EN 527-1 (640mm to 1250mm)?
  • Does the system provide adequate acoustic and visual privacy?
  • Does the system provide work-tools and equipment to be placed within optimum reach and focal zones?
  • Does the system provide a means to keep work-surfaces free of work tools, equipment and materials?


  • Can the product be used or configured in such a manner that it may cause damage? No “Interference Points”.
  • Is it stable at full extension?
  • Is there adequate power for the lift motors as well as all equipment and devices?
  • Are power, data and telephone ports and outlets conveniently located?
  • Are cables long enough to allow for  the full range of adjustment?
  • Can cables be managed to ensure they do not stress connections or pinch the wires?


  • Does the system consist of common components which can be configured or re-configured to meet current or future requirements and legislation?
  • Can these common components be used to convert existing static height workstations to Sit-Stand?
  • Does the system include work-tools that can optimise space, user performance and well-being?


Adapt ErgonomicsMoving From Fixed-height To Sit-stand Workstation? … A Must Read Before You Make The Transition

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