Our organisational tools utilise desk space by placing task related objects in the zones of convenient reach, assisting to de-clutter and enhance the productivity of the working environment. We offer a range of durable quality organisational tools that can be mounted on virtually any system rail product. In our range we also have unique and discreet desk storage solutions that provide unrestricted movement for under work surfaces.

Key Benefits

Solutions for items storage and maintainig order on desks.

Offers a discrete and practical solutions for storing office stationery with options for lock features on some for enhanced security.

A range of light, classically styles, organisational tools add to the aesthetics of any modern office environment.

Space Beams

Space Beams provide a flexible, yet robust three dimensional mounting platform for effective customisable storage solution.


Pelican Drawers

Perfect for storing office stationery, laptops and personal effects. No interference with leg space.

Adapt ErgonomicsOrganisational Tools