Adapt offers innovative ergonomic office products and services to improve productivity and well-being.


Are you getting the most from your workspace?

A well-designed office enhances well-being, productivity and profitability. Adapt offers quality ergonomic office products and services to companies of all sizes to support them in achieving their goals. We’ll help you to choose the right solutions and train your employees to use ergonomic products to their full potential.

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Designed for the modern office

The USB Charging Hub

The USB Charging Hub is a convenient and efficient way to charge multiple devices at the same time.

The compact design maximises desk space. It charges up to three devices simultaneously. It’s easily portable and therefore ideal for moving between workstations. The USB Charging Hub reduces the risk of tripping over wires and therefore promotes safety at the workplace.

The USB Charging Hub – sleek, durable, future-proof technology.

  • Employees who use height-adjustable desks are 70% more focused, 66% more productive and 33% less stressed.

    National Centre for Biotechnology Info
  • Productive and efficient companies encourage their employees to move more by providing a healthier work environment.

    Did you know?
  • Whether you’re using a sitting or standing desk, the top edge of your monitor should be about 2 or 3 inches above your eye level.

    Ergonomic Tip
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