Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. Ergonomic design looks at how equipment can be arranged in the workplace to create happier, more comfortable and productive workforce.

At Adapt, we’re passionate about helping you create the most comfortable, safe, efficient and productive workspace possible. Every Adapt product begins with an idea founded on the belief that the products we interact with should effortlessly adapt and move fluidly around us and with us. Our designers and product developers work hand in hand with our team of ergonomists to ensure that the science of ergonomics is behind the design of every product.

If you’re still unsure whether an ergonomic office design is worth the investment, consider the following:

8.9 million UK working days were lost due to work-related musculoskeletal disorders in 2016

50% of workers say they have suffered from back pain caused by sitting for too long

91% of workers at companies that support their well-being say they feel motivated at work

70% of offices are predicted to be agile workplaces by 2020

3.2 million deaths a year are related to physical inactivity

Productivity can increase by 46% using sit-stand desks compared with traditional sitting desks

By investing in an ergonomically designed office, your business will benefit from increased overall efficiency, productivity and ultimately, profitability:

  • A more focused and productive workforce
  • Reduced levels of absenteeism due to work-related injury or illnesses
  • The ability to adapt a desk to multiple users (ideal for shift-working and hot-desking)
  • An efficiently used workspace
  • Maximised use of technology to improve efficiency

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