How to stay focused and productive in a noisy working environment

Noise levels at your place of work can affect your health, wellbeing and productivity. Noise distractions can occur in any work setting, from busy production lines and warehouses to office environments. Noise distractions can have a negative impact on your performance and increase the likelihood of errors, whatever type of environment you work in. For

Adapt launches new touchscreen monitor arm

Adapt Ergonomics has launched Flyt, its first interactive touchscreen monitor arm. Flyt was created to offer unrivalled flexibility to users when working from a touchscreen monitor. Flyt monitor arm allows users to adjust their screen from a conventional eye height position to flat onto the work surface, creating an experience almost like reading a book.

How can you be more active when you work in a desk job?

Many of us will have started the year with intentions of improving our health with a better diet and more exercise. Both of these factors play an important role in maintaining our overall health and wellbeing.  Research shows that diet and exercise always rank highly on people’s top New Year’s resolutions, yet people often need

NorLink recognises the ergonomic benefits of using the Adapt SpaceArm monitor arm

NorLink supplies ergonomic office furniture and products to businesses and furniture dealers in Norway. CEO, Bernt Bøgh, has worked in the ergonomic office solutions industry for many years. He founded NorLink in 1993, having recognised the huge potential of providing ergonomic solutions not only to businesses in Norway, but around the world. With over 95%

Meet us at an event.

Our sales team will be visiting lots of events over the coming months across Europe, Asia and the US. To arrange a meeting with a local representative to discuss how we can help your workplace become more efficient, please email us on 12 – 14.03.19 Corenet Global Summit Kowloon, Hong Kong 14 – 17.03.19

More workers are going into the office when they are sick

What is presenteeism and how is it impacting your business?

If you’ve ever gone into work despite feeling ill then you’re not alone. While the average number of sick days taken by employees varies between countries, it’s declining year on year. So why do so many of us go to work even when we are sick? The phenomenon of going into work when we are

How office design affects productivity.

How office design affects productivity

Is your office design making you less productive? A well-designed workspace can significantly improve productivity. At Adapt, we recommend asking yourself the following questions when designing your office.   Do employees have the opportunity to change position while they work? More employers are now investing in sit-stand desks, helping workers remain physically active throughout the

How technology is transforming the way we work

Have you ever wondered what ergonomics really is? Ergonomics is the adaptation of work equipment and environments to people, not vice versa. In many cases people are enthusiastic about technical innovations and the new possibilities offered by progressing digitalisation. On the other hand, we often forget that these innovations are intended for the purpose of

How sitting too long affects the body

6 Strategies For Reducing The Risk Of Prolonged Sitting At Work

    It’s widely accepted that sitting for prolonged periods of the day carries a number of risks to your health, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, muscle and joint problems. Research has found that by allowing people to sit or stand as they wish throughout the day can boost productivity by up to 46%