Adapt Ergonomics Lighting


Our lighting range ensures that your workspace receives the correct illumination. Adapt’s Wave Light is a highly efficient LED task light designed to prevent eyestrain and increase worker productivity. Available in two versions (Wave I and II), Adapt’s Wave Lights provide consistent illumination whilst conserving energy, health and performance.

Why Wave Light?

Wave Light prevents eye strain and increases worker productivity. This is because refractive lens technology and dimming capability eliminates traditional problems with regards to illumination, light pooling, shadows, glare and light contrast ratios.

Wave light is energy saving, thus reducing costs.

Wave Light will integrate with virtually any furniture system, clamped to the surface or mounted to panels, slat walls, beams or tool rails, including the Adapt system rails.

The sleek appearance has a striking appearance and will enhance the look of any office. Illuminated surfaces appear more natural in colour under LED light than compact fluorescent, which tends to cast a bluish tint.

Wave I

Energy saving and promotes good health. 


Wave II

All Wave Light 1 benefits plus ambient sensor.

Adapt ErgonomicsLighting