NorLink recognises the ergonomic benefits of using the Adapt SpaceArm monitor arm

NorLink supplies ergonomic office furniture and products to businesses and furniture dealers in Norway. CEO, Bernt Bøgh, has worked in the ergonomic office solutions industry for many years. He founded NorLink in 1993, having recognised the huge potential of providing ergonomic solutions not only to businesses in Norway, but around the world.

With over 95% of the Norwegian workforce using a sit-stand desk, it is no surprise that NorLink’s best-selling product is the Adapt SpaceArm monitor arm, supplying over 4,000 units to their customers each year.

The SpaceArm monitor arm promotes ergonomic benefits. With its unique gas-lift system, providing ultimate stability, you can position your screens correctly, promoting productivity and well-being. With a correctly position monitor you also improve your back and neck posture and reduce eye strain, whether you’re sitting or standing at your desk.

NorLink has chosen to include the Adapt SpaceArm within their product offering, not only for the unique gas-lift system or its lifetime guarantee, but because of the prompt and short delivery lead time. 

‘We always recommend the Adapt SpaceArm monitor arm to our customers. We’ve not once needed to return a SpaceArm or received a complaint in all the years we’ve worked with Adapt, this demonstrates a consistently high product quality. The quick and easy order process and customer service that we receive from Adapt Global is second to none.’ explained Bernt.  

Contact us to find out more about the SpaceArm. To find out more about becoming a dealer please contact Adapt.

Adapt ErgonomicsNorLink recognises the ergonomic benefits of using the Adapt SpaceArm monitor arm

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