Organisational tools

If you want to keep your desk organised and uncluttered, Adapt offers a range of stylish, ergonomic products to store items conveniently, helping to boost productivity and focus.

We offer a wide range of durable solutions to keep your workspace efficient and tidy above and below the desk. Our range includes desk drawers, storage boxes, shelves and trays, to help you maximise the use of your space.

Key Benefits

  • Ergonomic design
  • Keeps desks organised and uncluttered
  • Wide range of mounting options
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Under-desk storage maximises personal leg room
  • Some organisational tools can be customised


A robust, highly flexible mounting solution for desk accessories.


Pelican Drawers 

Cleverly designed to maximise leg room while conveniently storing items safely and securely.


Cable Spine

Flexible and adaptable for the modern office.


Cable Basket

Stores cables safely and tidily under the desk.


Cable Mesh 

Conceals and organises cables from desk to floor.


Notepad Tray

Never misplace those papers again!

Binder Bin

Access your binders conveniently.

Pencil Cup

Store pens and pencils in one tidy, convenient place.

File Rack

Keep files tidy and within easy reach.

In Out Tray

Keeps papers neat and tidy.


Add a splash of colour to your workspace.

Black Box

Stores large items safely and securely.

Glass Shelf

A handy, accessible shelf to store extra items.

Telephone Shelf

Maximises desk space by lifting your telephone up from your worksurface.

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